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Using Email To Build A Customer Base

The Importance of Using Email to Build a Customer Base Emails are a way for you to stay connected to existing or potential customers. It is a way to launch a business, a new product, or to communicate with customers in an inexpensive, but valuable way. Email or subscribers’ list are compiled in different ways. […]

What Social Media Should Mean To Your Business Survival

If social media is a good idea for your particular business model but you have yet to take the plunge, then it is something you must take some kind of action about. What do you want to do, and what do you need are the questions you must ask your self before jumping into the […]

The Basics Of Social Media Marketing

The past several years has seen an explosion of online businesses flocking to social media sites with the hope of grabbing the largest slice of their market as possible. If you have never used social marketing before, then that is not a problem because it is relatively easy and the only thing that is new […]