Opportunities For Search Engine Marketing Consulting Professionals

Search engine optimization is known as a special field that a lot of small business owners are willing to outsource instead of invest valuable time and effort trying to learn. If you know the basics of search engine marketing, consulting for other businesses can be a lucrative venture for you.

Here are some ways you can earn with search engine marketing consulting:

Offer advice

Giving advice is the basic role to a consultant and you ought to have the ability to do this easily by phone, email or a VOIP service like Skype. Consultants usually charge a bill every month for a set number of hours that their client may use to ask for advice. The recurring earnings are commonly a prepaid one, meaning you will get paid even before you render advice.

Provide marketing assistance

Most small business consultants start by doing one or two things for clients and progress in a full service marketing firm. Select a service you are more comfortable with and develop it into your specialty like creating landing pages, writing sales copies or submitting your client’s website in directories. In case your client has other marketing requirements that are beyond your skills to provide, find someone whom you can partner with and split the fees.

Sell information products

When you’ve got a well-known system of boosting search rankings, document it by describing each step clearly for other people to check out. You can sell your system as the course, e-book, or video that new business owners and also other Internet marketers will need to buy. Other information products you can sell include applications, online tools and templates. The best thing about selling information products is basically that you only need to create it once to market it into an unlimited number of buyers.

Coach others

Search engine marketing is an area that’s hardly understood by lots who would rather learn it from experts. If you believe confident about your SEO skills, you can transfer that knowledge to others who are willing to pay for a short cut that your coaching service can provide.

Teach in seminars

If speaking before a group is your strength, then giving seminars can be a lucrative source of income as well. Invite speakers from other specialties to add oomph to your teaching event.

Because SEO is a complex field, the business opportunities in search engine marketing consulting are endless. The keys to unlimited income is to combine business models which will create multiple income streams, with expert guidance when starting out.


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