How To Earn Extra While Having A Home Rental Business

Making money from rental businesses is a very rewarding experience. Proper management of this kind of business will really bring a lot of profits and revenue to the owner.


Offering your clients other services can give you extra money. Here is a list of additional services you can provide your renters.


1. Home Maintenance


Both you and your client will benefit from this service. Monitoring the current condition of your units would be easier. You can hire people to do this work, do it yourself or get professional services. Just add a certain percentage of mark-up as your profit.


2. Provide Common Utility Supplies for your Housing Units


Save your clients from the troubles of getting utility services for their units. You can find electricity suppliers, water suppliers as well as internet and home phone service providers for the residential units that you own. You can earn by adding a certain percentage or mark-up to the existing current rate of the provider you intend to get. Your “renters” on the other hand would be saved from the troubles of having to pay the bill themselves because they would be paying you instead of the service providers. Electricity suppliers, as well as water and internet providers sometimes offer discounts for clients who have businesses like you.


3.Grocery Shopper


Most renters have jobs that requires them to go out everyday. You can offer them your services when buying groceries for their household. You could buy them produce, even provide them with the daily newspaper.


4.Looking after their Pets


Offer to look after their pets when they are not around. It is easy to take care of pets.


Every opportunity of getting money from your renters should be seized. Getting in the good side of your tenants will help you build a good relationship with them.


You are not just earning but are also creating a good relationship with them in the process.




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