Building A List By Simply Selling A Low-priced Info Product

List building is one of the cornerstones of obtaining a rewarding video marketing business.As an online marketer, among the most popular phrases you will hear is “list building”. The standard idea is that you can either sell to someone one time or multiple times.


Once you have their contact information, you can market to your own list regularly. Of course, you should also be polite to those people who have signed up for your list. The real key, nonetheless, is getting the right individuals on your own list to begin with. A number of people believe that by providing something without charge that’s of great value, you will get more people to sign up for your list. Although this might be true, you also have to consider what type of individuals these would be. Since they are searching for something without charge, you have to take into consideration whether they are just free offer seekers and not real customers. Based on the niche you’re in, this could present a challenge.


One other option that really is helpful for several marketers is developing a short report or eBook that they could sell for a very low cost. This isolates the free offer seekers from the true customers who are looking for a response to their concern or dilemma. By making this small purchase, these customers are raising their hands and saying they need information. This provides the marketer a chance to sell them other, more in depth information later. For instance, let’s say you have a site regarding how to get rid of that extra 10 pounds prior to swimsuit months. Rather than presenting your complete info on your website, you have two options. You can write a free report that individuals can get when they join your site. However, you could ask for $3, $5 or $7, for instance, to have this particular report. That way, you know that the customers registering for your list are very interested in material with that topic that they’re ready to pay for it. Now you have a listing of Real Customers instead of just interested individuals who like totally free information.


As marketers build their lists, they often start to see the big potential they’ve got in that niche. Taking the example above, perhaps you decide to create your own ebook that will go with the one you have been selling. For example, if you have been offering an ebook entitled “How to Overcome Infertility Naturally”, you might decide to write one called “Yoga Moves for Infertility”. This way, you can still promote the original book, but now you can also offer your list this accompanying book.



List building is one of the most important parts of video marketing and social media marketing business. It is good to take the time to really think about each niche and what will work best for that specific market. While a free report may be the very best thing to use in one niche, it might not work at all in another niche.

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